Lev-Yulzari duo

Lev-Yulzari duo present a program that brings forth their cross-genre virtuosity and versatility, combining Ethnic, Classical and Jewish music traditions to create their distinct, personal sound.

The program includes music from the duo's recent album AZFEA (IEMJ label, France), as well as new materials that combine Klezmer with latin influences. The Jewish week wrote about Lev-Yulzari duo: "The guitar rings like chimes, sounding almost celestial. The bowed lines of the double bass sigh like a human voice, yearning. The textures and timbres that come out of the instruments are as rich and full as those of a much larger ensemble. It is, quite simply, an enchantingly beautiful sound."

Lev-Yulzari duo
Remy Yulzari, double bass
Nadav Lev, guitar

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