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Les Brunettes

The Brunettes, a feminine vocal trio, is composed of Anne-Marie Pilon, Kathryn Samman and Joëlle Miller. The three singers met at the University Of Montreal during their studies in the Vocal Jazz Interpretation program. A wealth of personal experience has enhanced their formation colored by jazz, pop and classical. The blend of each voice contributes to form a unique color to their sound. Their repertoire visits several of the 20th century vocal trios from The Boswell Sisters, The Chordettes, The Supremes, all the way to Destiny's Child. Experience the charisma of these three inspiring young women!

Anne-Marie Pilon: Vocals
Kathryn Samman: Vocals
Joëlle Miller: Vocals
Jérôme Beaulieu: Piano
Luc Catellier: Drums
Antoine Pellegrin: Doublebass

Les Brunettes - Medley

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