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Carlos Jiménez Quintet

Jazz guitarist and composer, Carlos Jiménez is a very active musician on the Montreal jazz scene. In the past few years, he has shared the stage with some of the most expressive names of Canadian jazz such as Josh Rager, Jean-Nicolas Trottier, Dave Watts, Jessica Vigneault, Vanessa Rodrigues, Fraser Hollins, Joel Miller, Frank Lozano, Daniel Lessard, Kevin Dean, Andre White, Joe Sullivan, Rémi Bolduc, Brian Hurley, Eric Harding and Steve Amirault.

His versatility and ability to play various styles on both electric and classical instruments has made him a first choice guitarist for various projects.

Carlos Jimenez (guitar)
Alex Côté (Sax)
Pierre François (piano)
Dave Watts (bass)
Alain Bourgeois (drums)

Youtube video: “No You Didn’t”

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