A tenor saxophonist with an exceptional sound, a sensitive approach and an innate sense of musical language, Chantal De Villiers was born in Montreal into a family of musicians. Her father, a professional pianist, exposed her to music at an early age. She chose to play the tenor saxophone at the age of 15. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Music of the Université de Montréal, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree.

During the following years, Chantal De Villiers performed in all kinds of events, in different formations, in duos, trios, quartets and quintets. Music being a major force in her family, the musical relationship she developed with her father helped her find her style. The rich and muffled sound of her saxophone is reminiscent of the great jazz masters who have influenced her, such as Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Scott Hamilton, Stan Getz, Eddie Harris and Gene Ammons.

Funky princess alias Chantal De Villiers will present a variety of songs chosen according to the grooves inspired by the 70’s and her album Funky Princess. She will also add new compositions to her repertoire with her quartet Taurey Butler on piano, Ira Coleman on bass and Rich Irwin on drums.

Chantal De Villiers – tenor saxophone
Taurey Butler – piano
Ira Coleman – bass
Rich Irwin – drums

Video: “The Black Cat”

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