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Grouyan Gombo : Louisiana Cajun Mardi Gras

Montreal, Quebec based band Grouyan Gombo send out a sound informed by the depths of Louisiana Cajun musical roots, accompanied by their songs of today. The ensemble features a bright accordion sound juxtaposed against sweet twin fiddle harmonies, all driven by a tight rhythm section. While the bilingual band members descend from the French and English speaking families, their vocals draw from a deep well of Cajun, Creole and North American French traditions.

For more than fifteen years now Grouyan Gombo has delved deeply into traditional ballads, country inflected ones steps, Zydeco two steps and Cajun waltzes. This music mirrors the warm, bright, festive atmosphere of a busy dance floor.

Accordion, Vocals: Harlan Johnson
Fiddle, Vocals: Michael Ball
Guitar, Vocals Guillaume Jabbour
Stand Up Bass; Carl Rufh
Drums-Percussion: Eric Sandmark

Youtube video: “La chanson du Mardi Gras / Grouyan Gombo @ The Wheel”

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