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Jeff Moseley & The Django Messengers

Jeff Moseley & The Django Messengers is a jazz quintet strongly influenced by the masters of the swing era. The ensemble proposes a journey in the repertoire of the great Django Reinhardt in which the musicians add a modern hard-bop flavour inspired by the music of Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers.

The Clarinet and the violin harmonize the avant-garde melodies of Django while the manouche guitar, the upright bass and the drums lay down an energetic swing feel. The five musicians improvise using jazz language spanning from the Hot-Club de France to the bebop of New-York.

Yvan Belleau, clarinet and saxs
Maude Bastien, drums
Brenn Dalle, violin
Olivier Georget, bass
Jeff Moseley, guitar

Youtube video: “Deux-Cent-Trois”

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