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Levi Dover Sextet

The Levi Dover Sextet, led by bassist and composer Levi Dover, was formed in 2019 out of a desire to create music which brings together a wide range of influences in a highly personal style. Levi Dover’s music is rooted in the jazz tradition while also reaching into a modern soundscape, creating an environment brimming with possibilities for expression. Lush textures and an impressionistic landscape set the tone for explorations which extend beyond the compositions, bringing the art of improvisation into focus.

The group unites an international cast of creative musicians with diverse musical personalities, who join together to bring to life music which is full of subtlety and nuance, unveiling a rich and unique universe. The debut album from this project, Imaginary Structures was released in 2021 on Three Pines Records.

Alto Saxophone – Chris Edmondson
Trumpet – Lex French
Vibraphone – Olivier Salazar
Piano – Andrew Boudreau
Drums – Kyle Hutchins
Bass – Levi Dover

Youtube video: “In Hindsight”

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