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Moncef Genoud Quartet feat. Remi Bolduc

Born in 1961 in Tunis, Tunisia, Moncef was blind at birth. Flown to Switzerland to receive treatment on his eyes at the age of 2, he was adopted by a Swiss family shortly after. At 6 he began to take piano lessons, strongly encouraged by his adoptive father, a Jazz enthusiast who would often play records by Louis Armstrong or Fats Waller at the family’s house. Blessed with a remarkable auditory memory that allowed him to learn and replicate any piece by ear, Moncef started to develop his own style. In 1987 he obtained a music teacher’s degree from the Conservatory in Geneva.


Moncef Genoud: piano
Ira Coleman: bass
Remi Bolduc: sax

Youtube video: “Moncef Genoud Trio – Schaffhauser Jazz festival 2011”

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