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Shadow Dances

Shadow Dances is an exciting collaborative effort comprised of Cole Frieman, Joshua Leblanc-Demers, Lucas Dubovik, and Mason Jeffery-Off who met on the vibrant Montréal jazz scene.

Each member doubles as performer and composer to produce a unique group sound that paints parallel to the rich jazz traditions of yesteryear. Collectively, Shadow Dances explores the sonic outer limits of both the improvisatory nature of jazz with rock-infused sensibilities. Shadow Dances have performed in both live and studio settings in Quebec and Ontario and are planning to release their debut album in late 2024.

Lucas Dubovik – Tenor Sax
Cole Frieman – Guitar
Mason Jeffery-Off – Bass
Joshua LeBlanc-Demers – Drums

Youtube video: “iii by Cole Frieman”

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