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Zabumbe: Tribute to Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto Pascoal’s music reflects the natural beauty of Brazil. Explore themes of nature through the vibrant compositions of this monumental composer. Songs reminiscent of the calming flow of rivers, the freshness of wind, and the comfort of sunshine will transport listeners to lush landscapes.

The brainchild of Brazilian bassist João Menegale Barbi, Zabumbe is made up of five young adults from Montréal. Thomas Vigneras, originally from France, can be seen gigging often on the Montréal salsa and latin music scene. Jazz, pop, and rock venues are home to the in-demand guitarist and composer Alex Muscalu. His beautiful lines and tasteful musical choices make any performance a fascinating journey. João Menegale Barbi arrived in Canada in 2021 from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to study with Adrian Vedady. He has made a name for himself as both a bassist and “everyone’s best friend”. As both a jazz and classical trumpetist, Johan Lee Meyer is often praised for his warm tone and cascading melodies. The final member of Zabumbe, flutist Adelina Steinmetz, adds a vibrant musical layer to the quintet. Her first gig in Montréal entailed improvising to bird sounds while wearing a bird hat on the banks of the Lachine Canal.

All five members currently study in the jazz program at McGill University. Under the guidance of the great percussionist João Catalão, Zabumbe has refined a repertoire of traditional Brazilian pieces ranging from baiãos to sambas.

Youtube video: “ZABUMBE (Suite norte, sul, leste, oueste)”

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