Bogdan Gumenyuk: musician, producer, composer, educator, and founder of music label,“LabelWhoAble”.

Bogdan has won several international competitions and shared the stage with noted artists from Europe and North America — including Curtis Fuller, Benito Gonzalez, Café, Pierre Boussaguet, Sam Harris, Xavier Davis, Kevin Mahogany, Ameen Saleem, Filo Machado and many others. Bogdan also won a Fulbright scholarship in 2011, which brought him to Philadelphia, U.S.A. where he received his Master’s Degree in Jazz Music Performance, in 2013.

Bogdan has performed and taught internationally in Germany, Poland, Latvia,Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Canada and the United States.

Bogdan Gumenyuk – tenor sax
Josh Rager – piano
Levi Dover – bass
Jim Doxas – drums

Youtube video: “Midnight Waltz”

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