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Debi Botos Hungarian Gypsy Quintet

From an early age, Debi Botos has cultivated an interest in Hungarian Gypsy music (where she was born). Now 26, as a self taught musician, Debi continues to explore and experiment with the sounds of the Legendary Django Reinhardt.

Incorporating colorful and inventive sounds from her Hungarian Gypsy roots to the music of Django Reinhardt, she is creating a beautiful fusion of swing and free improvisational music. Ever-evolving, Debi has written multiple compositions fusing both these styles and creates a moving yet very enjoyable atmosphere that feel electric, traditional yet modern and continues to amaze her audiences at venues and concert halls across the globe.

Debi will be joined on stage with her family and friends who are amongst some of the greatest jazz musicians in Canada.

Debi Botos: guitar
Norbert Botos: drums
Joli Botos: vocals
Quinn Bachand: guitar
Denis Chang: guitar

Youtube video: “Hungarian Gypsy Nóta”

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