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Denielle Bassels – Album Launch “Little Bit a’ Love”

Toronto-born, Indie Swing chanteuse Denielle Bassels is a rising star on the Canadian jazz scene. Her music is a potent melange of jazz manouche, blues, folk and pop delivered with a powerfully unique contralto voice that packs solid heart punches, sure to “stop you in your tracks”.

Think of Ella Fitzgerald sipping tea on a rollercoaster with the Mad Hatter, and you will know what a night of a Denielle Bassels concert is like. A voice as sweet as Doris Day can also launch into the ferocity of Big Mama Thornton and back, never leaving you to forget that it’s Denielle you’re hearing.

Voice: Denielle Bassels
Guitar: Jay yoo
Drum: Glenn Anderson
Bass: Russ Boswell

Video: “Little Bit a’ Love”

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