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Festival International de Jazz de Montréal:

NOMAD | Simon Denizart + Elli Miller Maboungou & special guest: jeanne corpataux-blache

NOMAD is the explosive and unprecedented encounter between the piano of composer Simon Denizart and the calabash of virtuoso percussionist Elli Miller Maboungou.

Together, the two musicians form an original and dynamic duo that pushes the boundaries of traditional instrumental aesthetics and offers an eclectic journey through a rhythmic, melodious and cinematic music.

After fourteen months of travelling through Texas, California, Canada, Morocco and France, the nomadic life was a great source of inspiration and a pretext to tell these journeys, these stories and these encounters.

The album was released in Canada by Arte Boreal Records and in France by Laborie Jazz on 23 April 2021.

Youtube video: “Manon”