For this invitation series, pianist Gentiane MG invites Canadian instrumentalists and composers. Concerts will feature her guest’s compositions. Each concert will feature her guest’s original music and unique voice.

Gentiane MG was always attracted by music as a very powerful and vital means of expression. While studying classical piano as a child, she was already drawn to composition, often exploring ways of playing music by ear and inventing variations on the pieces she had to learn. Later on, studying jazz and improvised music gave her the means to find her own voice through composition, finding inspiration through introspection.

Her music comes from the tradition of improvised jazz with colours from impressionistic and romantic classical music that come together in a deeply personal universe.

Juno-award winning Jazz Saxophonist, Composer and Arranger, Allison Au (pronounced “ow”) refuses to be defined. Born to a Chinese father and Jewish mother, and raised in the multicultural metropolis of Toronto, Allison found music as a young child.

Exposed to a wide array of musical styles, she was captivated by the unhinged freedom of Jazz. Jazz became Allison’s lab for self-expression, exploration, and musical experimentation. Her work weaves a mosaic of influences into a seamless and soulful sound, a concoction steeped in the tradition of Jazz but skillfully laced with
elements of Classical, Pop, R&B/hip hop, Latin, and world music.

Gentiane MG: piano
Allison Au: sax
Louis-Vincent Hamel : drums
Levi Dover: Bass

Youtube video: “Impossible Beauty”

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