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João Menegale Barbi presents: Voices of my Montreal

João Menegale Barbi is a Brazilian bass player who came to Montreal to continue his musical studies. Recently graduated at McGill University, he can be found playing jazz or brazilian music through the city of Montreal, being a very present figure in the artistic scene, both as a bandleader and a sideman.

The show Voices of my Montreal was conceived because of his extensive work with different vocalists during his tenure as a jazz student and his professional work. João aims with this to present each voice’s individuality and personality, helping them express their artistry. They have different backgrounds, distinct influences, and a unique approach to singing, composing and interpreting, providing for a repertoire full of wonderful music.

João Menegale Barbi: Bass
Marie-Jeanne Paquet: Voice
Sarah Leroux: Voice
Charlotte Désilets: Voice
Félicia Turgeon Rivard: Voice
Sam Fortin: Piano
Julian Ferrer: Drums

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