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L’OFF JAZZ presents:
Montreal Jazz Trio

Montreal Jazz Trio is an exciting new group featuring three great musicians: Steve Amirault on piano, Adrian Vedady on double bass and Jim Doxas on drums. This is the essence of the modern jazz trio at its best! Since its creation in 2018, MJT has been playing in Montreal’s best jazz clubs. Rooted in the tradition of the great piano jazz trios, these three talented musicians contribute with their unique voices and aesthetics to create a modern and avant-garde sound.

Steve Amirault’s incomparable and personal style, Adrian Vedady’s groove and Jim Doxas’ fabulous sound make this concert a must-see for any jazz festival-goer!

2022 East Coast Music Award – Jazz Recording of the Year

Steve Amirault – Piano
Adrian Vedady – Double bass
Jim Doxas – Drums

Youtube video: “Montreal Jazz Trio – Misty”

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